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*PLEASE* keep them coming! I've already put over $1,000 of my own into this and to be blunt, we need your help! PLEASE donate if you can!

If you would like a detailed expense report so you can see where the money's going, please don't hesitate to email me at with suject heading "Expense Report Request."  Thanks!

All figures in US Dollars
Donated So Far:
Percent of Goal: 37.2%
Goal: $8,825

Where does the money go?
Here are our recorded expenses since 11/20/04

Website hosting: $50 initial plus $20/month ($110 so far)
Plastic apples: $1033.62 so far
Shipping for the plastic apples to Sony:  $TBA (~$750)
Paper & ink for printing the petition - 800 pages and counting! $132.60
TOP SECRET SURPRISE FOR NYC PROTEST, JAN 28th, 2005:  $690.00 + $535.00
    This is an absolute secret until the day of the protest.  Do not bother asking me because I will not tell you!  I assure you it is absolutely necessary for our cause to succeed! - Dave
Other expenses include shipping for the apples to us (~$200), t-shirts for protesters, "secret" stickers to give away at the protest ($~600), posters, flyers, a hotel room "headquarters" for the NYC live protesters (~$500 for three days), and lots more!  Email me if you'd like a complete list.

Here is our proposal for the "Apple" campaign. 

- For each person that signs the petition, Free Fiona will send one fake apple to Sony/BMG Music headquarters.
- Each apple will have the name of one person from the petition written on it in permanent marker.
- These apples will all be placed in a refrigerator-sized box and shipped to 550 Madison Avenue on January 24th, 2005.

The final effect will be several thousand "requests" for Fiona's album arriving at the Sony headquarters that week!

Petition signatories will  be solicited on college campuses around the country (see Events). These campaigns are funded completely by visitor donations. Our goal is to flood Sony's mailroom with apple campaigns the week of January 24th, 2005.

Of course, we encourage students (and you as well!) to be creative and design their own campaigns, but this effort will provide a larger mailing on our target date.

You can sponser an apple campaign for a student/petition signatory for just $3.53 (includes 60 cents for the apple, our shipping costs pro-rated, the permanent markers used for writing the names, the refrigerator box, and the shipping costs to send the box to Sony, and the surprise pro-rated). We encourage you to sponsor as many campaigns as you can! Your donations are GREATLY appreciated in helping us make this campaign happen.

How much can I donate? Simply put, as little or as much as you'd like - every dollar helps! Three dollars and fifty-three cents (US) sponsors one apple campaign, but we welcome you to sponsor as many as you are willing. Our goal is to distribute a total of 2,500 apples (a total cost of $8,825).

What do I get for my donation? Aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped to convince Sony to do the right thing, you'll also get your name listed on our Supporters page. When the album comes out, you can show all your friends that you, personally, played a part in its release! (Of course, we hope that your friends already knew about the campaign, and that their names are on the list, too :)

OWN A PART OF HISTORY!  If you donate $100 or more, we will send you your own limited-edition (one of the 2,500) "Free Fiona!" apple, stuffed with a handwritten thank-you note from me :) - Dave Muscato, Founder, Free Fiona

We encourage you to send in your own apple-themed campaigns.  Sorry, we cannot send apple campaigns to you individually. We just don't have time! If you would like to send in your own fake apple with a note inside, we recommend these.

How do I donate? Send your donations via PayPal to

When you donate, please mark your payment as "Service" and not "Auction." Also, we ask you to provide your first and last name, city, state (if in the United States), and country, so that we can add this information to our Supporters page for others to see. This is completely voluntary and if you would prefer your information not be shown, it will not be. Thanks to everyone for all your support.

If you prefer to donate by check, please email for mailing information.  Thanks!

SINCERE THANKS FOR YOUR DONATION!  We couldn't do it without your help and you are a true friend of the cause to Free Fiona!

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